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Thursday, 17 August 2017

The power in the stars . By Gerald

You fall in love with someone you can't sleep at night , you step out of your room and walk around no one to talk to, then you stare at the moon and ask , how do you cope chasing the shooting star around cos I guess she's running cos she's the cutest of them all .

Then you realise the moon also has his down time too no wonder sometimes he doesn't show up for work .

Why are the stars so powerful . Your brain drain rising by the minutes you long for the shooting star to come by , you wish you knew the story behind the race maybe she's scared , maybe you won't treat her right , maybe you are not asking the right questions,  maybe you know , maybe you don't know .

Loneliness keeps creeping the urge to fall back to your bad habits keeps begging . You fight it but can't cos it's not a fight you fight alone you need your shooting star your good luck charm your peace of mind to calm the mind from the temptation that will lead to destruction and self doubt .

Why not settle for less .
Why not take what you see
In this sea of stars

Take out the energy you use in trusting these wishes you throw at the shooting stars and throw them into something meaningful in your life.

But then again when you finally get successful who do you share it with . Your siblings?  They already know .

I have come to the realisation that joy can't be sold or bought it is the hardest commodity to come by but if you get joy in your heart oooooo I tell you the feeling is unimaginable.

Joy cures the sleeplessness,  the worries , the sorrows and it replaces the bad habits

It will save your life too .

But then again why do you put your joy in the hands of a human so weak and vulnerable. 

Love is good and it hurts
 joy is sweat and it brings peace

You see it is not what you did or what you can do or what you are it is WHAT THEY WANT that always matter

Once you satisfy them you get what you want .......

Shooting star whenever you settle come for me I'll be waiting for you . BY YOURS TRULY GERALD .

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